FarmFomo Upcoming Changes

Moonshots Farm
1 min readJul 18, 2021


Some insight into the “King of the Hill” changes coming to Squirrel.Finance’s fomo future rounds 🔑

FarmFomo mostly remains the same but with some game tweaks to spice it up!

So what’s being changed? 👷
Next round FarmFomo is being tweaked to play in a more “King of the Hill” approach in order to reduce frustration by sometimes having to spend too much time staring at the timer as it gets low if you want to win.

This new approach introduces “Kings” (the last 3 keys spent) and whilst you are king you are continuously earning a portion of the pot until you’re replaced! (Tentatively will start at something like 5% of the pot each daily, but can be tweaked). Each new key resets the timer to 24 hours (can be tweaked) but idea is longer rounds where people can win more passively by staying as King! 👑

Final change is pot is split slightly different between 1st/2nd/3rd King (compared to per-key in current FarmFomo), when round ends 1st (newest) King gets 50%, 2nd gets 30% and 3rd gets 20% 💸

We hope you’ll enjoy trying out this new concept for FarmFomo, if you have any suggestions/questions be sure to ask in our Telegram or on Discord, see you next round! 🚀