Introduction to FarmFomo

Moonshots Farm
2 min readMar 8, 2022

Our latest update brings the beloved Fomo game to the Moonshots ecosystem. FarmFomo is a mash-up of the “no-loss lottery” concept mixed with a classic “Fomo3D” jackpot game which rewards players for buying the last key before the timer runs out, unlocking the jackpot reward!

Farm or trade KEYS and fight for the lucrative pot with FarmFomo.

So how does Fomo work? 🔑
The game revolves around keys and the timer, players spend keys which give them a slice of the jackpot if they’re one of the last three to spend their keys before the timer hits zero. Each key adds 1 hour to the clock, extending the round for more action! Keys are farmed with CAKE in our Cake Vault, but also can be traded to allow non-farmers a chance to fight for the prize 🔥

Once the timer finally hits zero the current round will end, and the last three key spenders in the round will split the jackpot reward (a big pile of BONES) based on how many keys they spent.

An example: Jackpot is 1k BONES and player 1 spent 9 keys whilst player 2 only spent 1 key, this means player 1 will receive 900 BONES whereas player 2 will only receive 100 BONES! 🌰

After the round ends any remaining keys are worthless and the next round will begin with new keys afew days later!

So how does farming work? 👨‍🌾
Similar to other farms on Moonshots.Farm, farmers deposit their CAKE tokens into a Cake Vault which auto compounds for them to automatically grow their CAKE! Players can withdraw their KEYS earnings or their CAKE whenever they wish. The amount of KEYS farmed reduces slowly as the round goes on.

30% of cake farmed is converted to BONES which are added to round’s jackpot. 5% of earnings is kept as BNB which goes to the BONES farm for stakers. Finally each round has additional BONES tokens added to the jackpot prize to seed the round and kickstart the fomo! 💸

We hope you will enjoy playing FarmFomo as you battle for a slice of the jackpot, whilst farming with your CAKE! 🥞 The first fomo round will begin on Saturday 22:00 UTC, if you have any questions be sure to ask in our Telegram or on Discord, see you then! ⏰