Introduction to FarmGoo

Moonshots Farm
2 min readMay 26, 2022

Our latest release brings our beloved Goo game to the Moonshots ecosystem. FarmGoo is a new goo format which mixes farming with the classic “play2earn” crypto idle game which rewards players for their factory’s goo production!

Players earn BANANA daily by increasing their factory’s goo production!

So how does Goo work? 🧪
You run a Goo factory and your aim is to produce the most Goo possible 🏭 Goo is valuable as it lets you buy additional units & upgrades and earns you BANANA. BANANA is the token of ApeSwap which is our new dex partner!

Goo is known as an “idle game” because your factory produces Goo 24/7 (whilst you are away) so you can spend your Goo and come back later to even more Goo! The game is a dapp running on the Binance Chain so make sure you have a bsc wallet such as Metamask to play 🎮

You earn your first Goo by farming with your BANANA or BONES, allowing you to purchase more production units with Goo! Player’s BANANA farming in the game produces yield (additional BANANA’s) which go into the game pot and each day 10% of the pot is distributed to goo players:

  • 8% to players based on their Goo/s production (more production = more BANANA divs per day)
  • 2% to players who deposit their Goo into the daily deposit box (burning their Goo for BANANA divs)

And that pretty much covers the production side of Goo, you repeatedly recruit units to increase your Goo production to help make more BANANA! ♻️

We hope you will enjoy playing FarmGoo as you battle for a slice of the game prize pool, whilst farming with your BANANA or BONES! 🍌
Goo will begin on Saturday 21:00 UTC, if you have any questions be sure to ask in our Telegram or on Discord, see you then! ⏰