Squirrel FAQ’s 📜

Moonshots Farm
2 min readMar 20, 2021

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions below to help assist:

What is the Total Supply?

Currently supply is 1.3m NUTS, there’s no hard cap yet because each farm emits 1–3k NUTS per week 👍 This amount has been reduced each week (from 10k nuts per farm per week at launch) and will continue to be reduced over time to lower inflation.

Has NUTS been audited?

Yes, we’re pleased to announce Certik has now published their report auditing Squirrel Finance. You can find it here!

Where are my vault earnings?

Vaults auto-compound, so for example in the Cake Vault all your earnt cake is automatically added to your deposit. So you should notice the “Your Deposit: x Cake” will grow slowly over time after you have deposited 👍

Are the APR & APY’s on the site correct?

Yes for all farms/vaults (except the Nuts Farm) the figure has been calculated in real-time on recent prices to be accurate. To see daily ROI click the calculator icon. Note: Since vaults auto-compound we use APY instead of APR as that reflects the compounding effect over a year. For Nuts Farm the APR is an estimation because the rewards depend on the fees generated from other farms, so can vary with TVL & nuts price over time 👍

What does the compound button do?

The compound button will deposit any (for example) Egg earnings back into the Egg Farm and your Nuts earnings into the Nuts Farm. Since vaults auto-compound your deposit already, this button only compounds your Nuts into the Nuts Farm 👍

Thanks for reading, if there is a unanswered question missing from this list please ask in our telegram or discord!