Squirrel Weekly (09/02) 🐿️

Scrat inside his new Tesla car after the news they bought $1.5b BTC 💸

Marketing updates 🌎

Following on from last weeks article, continued trialling some more marketing to help kickstart things, and looking at price since last month seems we are making steady progress in growing. Last week did an additional £120 worth of twitters ads but instead of promoting account (for 30 more followers) was a sponsored tweet to get clicks to Squirrel.Finance homepage, roughly same price per engagement as last week (£3.58) but if they land on website seems more likely to become NUTS fans so maybe we’ll stick with this style of ads. As well as this did another round of 2 NUTS airdrops to 40 active uniswap addresses, wanted to do alot more but at gas around 200 gwei probably worth waiting a week or so for it to calm down again ⛽️

Second week’s trial of “NUTDROP” to active eth addresses 🌰

Product Stats 📊

  • Insure USDC farming: $6070.50
  • Insure Eth collateral: 8.106 ETH
  • Total Stashes: 17 users
  • Estimated Stash TVL: $123,911

Miscellaneous 🌰

Finally continuing on from last week (whilst price remains low) we carried out another 10 eth buyback of NUTS, there still remains 80 eth for future buybacks of NUTS.



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